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     Reviews From Our Customers
    • Mine has helped me so much i have added 35 feet so far to my distance i can finally throw over 400ft - Justin Larson - Mount Pleasant, IA
    • I've just completed the 6-week workout yesterday. Definitely stronger with my throwing mechanics -- I'm able to turn over stable discs that never turned over before, and I'm able to throw my overstable discs straighter and farther. - Duane Takahashi - San Diego, CA
    • This training system is pretty dope. It's pretty genius. The resistance bands are great for building arm speed. I used this 2 times and have noticed a major difference. This system has helped me with my form and helping the disc close to my body on release. The Co thing is you can also add more resistance bands to it of you have them. I had a pretty weak forearm and with this system it's helped my a lot, keep in mind I've used it twice, I went onto the course and my form and power with sidearm is pretty decent I'm a lot more confident with throwing sidearm. I can now hit around 320-350 consistently now with sidearm. All I have to say is get this product. It's great. - Edmond Lopez - Hendersonville, Tennessee
    • I noticed results after only a few sessions of using the Pro-Pull. Better form, more distance, and more confidence in hitting my release point. It's a real game changer! - Jason – Cincinnati, OH
    • I must admit before receiving the delivery I was concerned about the quality of the product for the price (and as Import costs and exchange rates add dramatically to the cost, this can be a major issue in Australia), but upon initial inspection, the Propull's look to be a great quality build. Particularly nice to notice the good quality strong looking carabiners and fittings when there is some nasty cheap ones available. So complements for bringing the Propull to market for such a reasonable price! - Chris Eltringham - Portal Disc Sports -Australia
    • I really like my ProPull system. I have actually used it for a short time and I have literally had people come up to me and ask what changed in my game since my distance has increased by at least 70 feet. Great product, great price. - Lance – Sacramento, CA
    • I bought this as kinda a joke to annoy my girlfriend and make her laugh at me for "training" to throw a piece of plastic. Little did i know this is no joke, it has actually has helped me a lot by correcting my throwing motion. I pick it up and use it when i get board just sitting in the house and it really builds arm speed and it helps you find a good release point. I cant believe i am even writing this review ( i feel like a jamoke on TV telling you how great the Sham Wow is). but this is a great product and if you are interested in this at all i would buy it, because i love it. - Vinny Stabareli - Attleboro, Massachusetts
    • I LOVE my ProPull! It's really helped with my back hand form and keeping the disc from going nose up to get that extra distance. I also love to hook up my ProPull to a tree and get in a few swings before a round to get those muscles warmed up! I'd recommend the ProPull to any level of player! - Greg – San Juan, TX
    • We have now used the pro pull since we received it, both my son and me. We can both say that the pro pull have helped us to throw longer and more accurate. So, we are very pleased with the pro pull. - Bjorn Steinsland - Kristiansand, Norway
    • I'd like to say that this is the only disc fitness resistance band on the market. I've seen 20 ft of gains in the past month!! - Hunter – Apex, NC
    •  I coach an after-school disc golf club at my elementary school in Los Angeles, Ca and we use the PRO-PULL to help with technique and proper form.  It's a great product! - Sean – Glendale, CA
    • Great Training Aid & possibly the only one you can use inside that’s help your distance… - John – Panama City, FL