Why is Disc Speed is a big deal?

Throwing mid-range & fairway drivers farther will lower your scores.

Think Acceleration & Speed to the Target ... Not Strength !
Increased Disc Speed of Just 5 MPH =  35 - 40 more feet on your shots.

Why The ProPull™?

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Mine has helped me so much i have added 35 feet so far to my distance i can finally throw over 400ft !

Justin Larson - Mount Pleasant, IA

I've just completed the 6-week workout yesterday. Definitely stronger with my throwing mechanics -- I'm able to turn over stable discs that never turned over before, and I'm able to throw my overstable discs straighter and farther. 

Duane Takahashi - San Diego, CA

I noticed results after only a few sessions of using the ProPull. Better form, more distance, and more confidence in hitting my release point. It's a real game changer!

Jason – Cincinnati, OH

I really like my ProPull system. I have actually used it for a short time and I have literally had people come up to me and ask what changed in my game since my distance has increased by at least 70 feet. Great product, great price.

Lance – Sacramento, CA

I'd like to say that this is the only disc fitness resistance band on the market. I've seen 20 ft of gains in the past month!! 

Hunter – Apex, NC


Stephen Schroeder - Team Dynamic Discs

"I highly recommend the ProPull™ as a training aid to systematically improve mechanics and speed"

Backhand Instruction: Stephen Schroeder

Stephen shows how to train for power and accuracy with the ProPull™.

By grabbing our ProPull™ Disc exactly as you would on the course as you go through the workouts you will train your body to increase acceleration in the exact angles and positions related to your  throwing motion.

why do resistance bands work for almost every sport?

Because they train the body to work as a complete unit by training movements not muscles. As a result, resistance band training improves acceleration in coordinated movements related to the specific sport motion.

Commit to getting better!

Whatever your current form is, use the ProPull™ to work on your acceleration from the reach back through release and you will get 7-8 more feet of distance than you have now, for every 1 MPH of increased disc speed.

To get better ... ProPull™, FIELD WORK, PLAY -  REPEAT .. REPEAT...