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  • 2020 Disc Golf Pro Tour Champion

  • Disc Golf Pro Tour ESPN2 Kevin Jones using the ProPull

    Kevin Jones - Disc Golf Pro Tour 2020 Champion

"The Best Disc Golf Specific Training Tool I've Ever Seen"

Dave Feldberg - 2008 World Champion - 2018 & 2019 Masters World Champion - 9 Majors & 18 National Tour Wins

Philo Brathwaite

Philo Brathwaite

Form & Mechanics with the ProPull



Top Disc Golf Instructor In Charlotte - Uses the ProPull when giving lessons.

1012 Rated Player – Highest Rated Round - 1062

I primarily use the ProPull for isometrics strength training and angle control. These areas have improved with both my forehand and backhand, and increased distance respectively. Great tool to teach form & mechanics.

Stephen Schroeder – Charlotte, NC

Played the DGPT Memorial and had a 1012 Rated Round. I know its crazy but I’ve only been using the ProPull for a few weeks and have seen a big improvement in my distance and accuracy since I’ve been training with it.  Two months ago, I played a tourney at Fountain Hills and Vista. Some holes I have always been 60 ft short and this time I was just inside 30 ft. I’ve noticed when I throw slower speeds like mids & putters I’m not throwing as hard and was more accurate on upshots.

Jason Krueger - Chandler, AZ

The Pro Pull is simply amazing.  It teaches you what a "correct pull" feels like. After only 2 weeks I was able to add 50+ feet to my drive and it is effortless.  I find myself having to dial down my power. The ISO hold is no joke.  You definitely get a workout.

Joseph Krajewski - Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

Really helped improve and solidify my form for not only backhand but forehand as well. I'm throwing further and with better control. One of my all time purchases and I can't recommend this product enough. Thanks guys!

Bret – Kansas City, MO

My ProPull has helped me so much. So far I’ve added 35ft to my distance. I can FINALLY throw over 400ft.

Justin – Mt Pleasant, Iowa

I LOVE my ProPull! It's really helped with my backhand form and keeping the disc from going nose up to get that extra distance. I'd recommend the ProPull to any level of player. It’s an AWESOME tool to help improve your drive! Definitely recommend!!! 

Greg – San Juan, TX

why do resistance bands work for every sport?

Because they train the body to work as a complete unit by training the exact muscles used during the movement. As a result, resistance band training improves acceleration in coordinated movements related to the specific sport motion.

Commit to the work of getting better!

Whatever your current form is, use the ProPull™ to work on your acceleration from the reach back through just before the release and you will get 7-8 more feet of distance than you have now, for every 1 MPH of increased disc speed.

To get better ... ProPull™, FIELD WORK, PLAY -  REPEAT .. REPEAT...

Why The ProPull™?

Why The ProPull™?

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Disc Speed is a big deal

Throwing mid-range & fairway drivers farther will lower your scores

Think Acceleration & Speed to the Target ... Not Strength !!
Just 5 MPH  =  35 - 40  feet closer to the basket