New to Disc Golf?

Four common mistakes you should know. ​

Poor X-Step -  The X-Step is the foundation of Disc Golf and you can't play without it. Some elite players can throw 600 feet using only their X-Step. Search Google  for "X-Step" "Disc Golf" and you will find all you need to know about this MOST IMPORTANT technique. Here is one link to start with. X-Step
Weight shift -  Weight shift is actually a part of the X-Step. You must shift your weight from back to front to play Disc Golf. Here is an easy drill with the ProPull™ to help you feel weight shift.
For right handed players. Pick your right foot up off of the ground, then step forward putting all your weight onto your right foot and pick your left foot up off of the ground. Rock back and forth putting ALL your weight on one foot at a time until you really feel how to shift your weight. As you rock forward think about driving your shoulder toward the imaginary target line and shifting all of your weight with your shoulders and hips. Pull the ProPull™ disc back and forth as you shift your weight making sure to keep the disc parallel to the ground.
Rounding -  Rounding is when you pull the disc out and away from your body instead of pulling in a straight line. If your body gets in between the farthest point of your reach back and your Target you must pull the disc around your body which causes Rounding. Make sure when you reach back you push the disc just a bit away from your body so when you pull through, your body is not in the way of your Target Line (an imaginary line from the peak of your reach back all the way to your Target).  Here is a link that might help. Rounding
High Follow Through -  This error may be THE most frustrating. It usually happens after you start feeling good about your progress and start throwing harder. When new players want to throw farther they often raise their front shoulder and throw the disc up instead of out and forward. You know you're doing this if your follow through is above your chest.

A high follow through kills distance because the energy of the throw is spent going up instead of towards the Target.

The ProPull™ will help to keep your follow through parallel to the ground.