Isometric Hold - MUST READ

Increase your arm speed by simply gripping and holding onto THE PROPULL™.

It may sound crazy but you can increase your disc speed by just gripping the ProPull™ and holding it in place for 10-15 seconds.

HOW... It's called Motor Unit Recruitment and is proven science. 

What is Motor Unit Recruitment (MUR)? It's when the brain sends for help when more power is needed. ( learn more )

The human body has three fibers that can answer the call from the brain when force is needed to throw a golf disc. Type 2b is the fastest fiber.

  1. Type I fibers, "slow twitch fibers" (Slow) - 1st Call
  2. Type 2a fibers, "fast red fibers" (Medium) - 2nd Call
  3. Type 2b fibers, "fast white fibers" (Fast) - Last Call

When force is needed, the brain ALWAYS calls "slow twitch fibers" first, then only if additional force is needed the brain calls for "medium twitch fibers", then only if "slow twitch" & "medium twitch" fibers combined aren't enough force, the brain calls for "fast twitch" fibers.

Therefore, "fast twitch" fibers are only called in certain circumstances - like when you want to throw a golf disc. This is where everything should begin to make sense. 

Speed comes from Type 2b fibers, "fast white fibers" (Fast) and that is what we want to train to get faster.

Research has proven that an Isometric Hold is the best way to train/engage "fast twitch" fibers and this is the key in creating explosive quick acceleration.

This isn’t strength training it’s acceleration & speed training!!!


Hold Position # 1 for the Isometric Hold is with the disc in the "Power Pocket".

Hold Position #2 is 8 inches forward of Position #1 (close to the release point).